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Choosing Your Best Web Host

Venturing into the world of websites, domains, web hosting, and SEO can be an overwhelming experience. The simplest ideas can become tedious, time consuming nightmares. Choosing the right host will save you time, money, and a little sanity.


You need to choose the host best tailored for your website's needs and your abilities. If you're starting an Ecommerce website, you need a host that offers shopping carts and SSL certificates. If you plan on installing a blog, forum, photo gallery, or any other application, you'll need a host with easy installs. If you are a beginner, you need all of this to be as simple as possible.


We've done our best to simplify the selection process. The 5 web hosting providers, listed above, are more then capable of handling any website that you can dream up. If you have a need that we didn't cover, please contact us and we will be happy to direct you to a web hosting service that is better suited for your specific needs.

Types of Web Hosting

Shared Hosting - Offered by all 5 web hosting providers listed above. This is the most commonly used type of hosting in the world. This website is actually on a shared web hosting plan. Basically, multiple websites share the same server and it's capabilities. This has it's positives (price) and negatives (your site speed could be effected by other websites), but most websites will never outgrow the need for a shared web hosting plan.


VPS - Virtual Private Servers are similar to a shared hosting plan because you are sharing the same server with multiple websites. However, the server's capabilities are not shared among the websites like on a shared hosting plan. The servers space and bandwidth capabilities are partitioned and each website is given a specific amount. Your website speed will not be effected by others on the server. This service can be 10 - 20+ times more expensive then shared hosting.


Dedicated - Dedicated servers provide the user with full control over the server(s). You are not sharing anything with anyone. This can be 10 - 25+ times the cost of a VPS. You would really need to have a high performance website with tons of traffic to be shopping for a dedicated server.

About Best Damn Web Hosts

Best Damn Web Hosts was created in 2009 around two basic concepts. First was the idea to create simple websites, that perform exceptionally well in search engines, at a price that any small business could easily afford. Secondly, we wanted to provide all the tools and information necessary for anybody to be able create, optimize, and maintain their own website for under $100.


Over the last few years our ideas have evolved slightly, but those original concepts are still what fuels this website. We give you all the information and tools needed to build, optimize, and maintain your own website or you can simply pay us to handle the workload.


Our web masters specialize in small business SEO. We take small businesses that are invisible, or slacking, with their online presence and put them on the front page of Google. We will only webmaster a max of 10 websites at any given time. This ensures that each website is given the full amount of attention that it truly needs.